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Discover an innovative and straight forward
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Experienced in many different sectors

The STS approach and solutions can be applied to any industry. Sectors include, Multi-Family Housing, Auto-Lots, Storage Facilities, Distribution Facilities, Energy, Utilities, and Construction.

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Customizable, zero-tolerance security solutions

We work with our customers to fully understand their security challenges. Following our security audit we cost effectively optimize customers’ security solutions. We typically use blended security solutions from our suite of services that include monitoring, surveillance, CCTV systems and mobile security solutions such as SkyEyes®.

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SkyEyes ®

A mobile, eyes in the sky security solution

Combined with live video monitoring, our SkyEyes® provide a cost-effective strategy compared with traditional approaches to security, while offering better perimeter protection than burglar alarm systems or security guards.

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AdvantagePay ®

The affordable way to fund cutting-edge security solutions

Many clients don’t want to make the cap-ex investment required to buy new security camera solutions. that’s why STS has introduced its affordable Advantage Pay®

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