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Many clients don’t want to make the cap-ex investment required to buy new security camera solutions. That’s why STS has introduced its affordable AdvantagePay®

AdvantagePay® gives you the ability to purchase the security system you need, not just the system you can afford. For a once-a-month payment, the client can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they have the very best system to manage their security requirements.

How does AdvantagePay® make your video-voice camera system future-proof? The answer is in two parts. Primarily, AdvantagePay® covers all camera maintenance, ensuring there are no camera-outs, and the cameras are functioning correctly. But that’s not all. At the end of the AdvantagePay® contract period, when the client renews, STS updates all the equipment for no extra cost.

You will have an affordable state-of-the-art security system that will be robust, maintained and future proof. If your business expands, your security system will expand with you. We also work with you, issuing regular reporting to ensure that your system is fully optimized and fit-for-purpose. All this for just one affordable payment per month.

It will depend on many factors, and the solution you select to meet your requirements. But to provide an indication take a look at our AdvantagePay calculator below to explore how your security needs could be funded affordably.

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The Estimator

Our Estimator is only intended as a starting point. It’s a rough idea, based on the number of video voice devices you think you’ll need, of what you could be expected to pay. However, as there are so many variables when we’re planning a security system, it’s difficult to be accurate without thorough investigation and analysis. The best way to get an accurate idea of cost is to request a no-commitment security audit. We’ll work with you, considering your security requirements and any budgetary guidelines that you may have.

How many VIDEO VOICE SYSTEM devices are needed?*
All-Inclusive Break-Fix Service Agreement
Monthly Monitoring Fee
ADVANTAGE PAY Number of Monthly Payments

* Video Voice System device types vary depending on the electronic security system, system type, device type, software needs, and use case. A site audit or use case review may be required to determine proper Video Voice System needs.

** Costs shown are for ‘Advantage Pay’ demonstration purposes only. Actual costs will vary based on a site audit to determine the site type, building type, installation environment, and other electronic security system needs. These factors directly impact the installation, all-Inclusive break-fix service, and monitoring costs.

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Our services

We work with our customers to fully understand their security challenges. Following our security audit, utilising our suite of services, we cost effectively optimize customers’ security solutions.

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Sector experience

The STS approach and solutions can be applied to any industry. Sectors include Multi-Family Housing, Auto-Lots, Storage Facilities, Distribution Facilities, Energy, Utilities, and Construction.