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The STS approach and solutions can be applied to any industry. Sectors include, Multi-Family Housing, Auto-Lots, Storage Facilities, Distribution Facilities, Energy, Utilities, and Construction.

Auto-Lot security solutions

STS has a proven track record of unparalleled success in protecting auto dealers and storage lots from theft, vandalism, and other unwanted activity.

Our zero-tolerance security strategies ensure that key areas such as inventory lots, drop-zones, service bays, parts and showrooms are always secure. We protect against both internal and external threats all while improving the safety and operational efficiency of staff.

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Construction security solutions

We protect construction equipment and materials from theft and vandalism and can provide perfect perimeter protection, ensuring that any breaches are stopped before they happen. Additionally, we can help ensure on-site staff safety and adherence to all regulations.

STS’s monitoring services provide a wide array of security solutions. But no two solutions are the same. STS first undertakes a security survey of the construction site to understand the challenges and potential trouble spots. A custom-designed system can then be deployed and monitored 24/7/365.

Find out more about our flexible SkyEyes monitoring system.

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Multi family housing security solutions

In addition to virtual patrols, monitoring, and surveillance, STS also offer a wide range of access control services. This includes concierge and doorman services, confirming identification and logging visitors, enforcement of no trespass orders, check-in for commercial vendors, and more.

While STS can work with your existing camera system, we also specialize in the design and deployment of robust, cutting-edge CCTV systems that take advantage of the latest technologies in IP cameras.

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Distribution security solutions

Every distribution center is a potential target for thieves. STS can provide perimeter protection that will prevent security breaches before they even occur. As we monitor and protect 24/7/365 we won’t miss a thing, ensuring zero-tolerance security for your facility.

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Storage security solutions

Whether STS uses existing camera equipment or deploys a new video-voice camera system, you can be sure that you’re getting the right, zero-tolerance security solution for your facility. A solution that’s not only proactive but saves you significant costs.

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Energy & utilities security solutions

STS’s zero-tolerance security solutions have drastically reduced incidents and saved utility plants hundreds of thousands in security costs. STS understands the security challenges that utilities face.

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The affordable way to fund cutting-edge security solutions

Many clients don’t want to make the cap-ex investment required to buy new security camera solutions. That’s why STS has introduced its affordable AdvantagePay®