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We work with our customers to fully understand their security challenges, we cost effectively optimize customers’ security solutions. We typically use blended security solutions from our comprehensive suite of services.

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We monitor client premises 24/7/365 from our command center in Texas. When paired with security specialists, remote guard surveillance offers an efficient deterrent against unwanted activity.

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We first need to understand a client’s security challenges. Once we’ve done a security audit, we’re well placed to design a security strategy that will deter and ultimately stop intruders.

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24/7/365 analytics-based video monitoring will protect brand assets and serve as a deterrent against unwanted activity. It reduces crime and saves money.

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Physical Security

Despite today’s availability of technology led security solutions, there are still times when you’ll need boots on the ground to secure your brand assets. As part of a mixed security strategy, human presence can still play an important role.

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Life Safety

Protecting lives from crime, unwanted activity or unexpected accidents is our ultimate goal. You need to know that your stakeholders, team members and visitors are protected in a safe environment.

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Electronic Security

Our electronic solutions are second to none, utilizing the very latest in camera technology. We can work with you to assess your requirements. We have a team of installation and service experts that are able to cater for your every security need.


Fix Services

Our team of technicians are on the road across the US. Our skilled technicians have all it takes to ensure that your camera technology is regularly serviced or fixed if something goes wrong.

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The affordable way to fund cutting-edge security solutions

Many clients don’t want to make the cap-ex investment required to buy new security camera solutions. That’s why STS has introduced its affordable AdvantagePay®