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SkyEyes ®

A mobile, eyes in the sky security camera solution

Although every unit is fully customizable, our standard model SkyEyes® is equipped with four high-definition 5 mp security cameras capable of running the latest in adaptive, intelligent video analytics. The use of these technologies greatly reduces or even eliminates false or nuisance alarms and offers unparalleled protection. Standard units also include a strobe light that activates and flashes when analytic alarms are triggered. Last but certainly not least, every unit arrives for installation with audio already enabled. This allows our monitoring agents to intervene by conducting announcements and addressing any illegal or unwanted activity in “real time.” SkyEyes® can be set up to run on solar power and they can also be equipped with cellular service when a dedicated network is not available.

Live video monitoring

Once a system is fully installed, we combine the technology with live, remote video monitoring services provided by highly trained, highly supervised agents in our state-of-the-art command center. The end result is a powerful tool for securing your assets, property, and people.


View live camera streams

STS’s SkyEyes® utilize a platform that is fully accessible via apps for both Apple and Android devices. You can view your job site from anywhere from any connected device, 24 hours a day.

• Desktop or smartphone app for live or playback viewing

• Online client portal for video monitoring events and incidents

• E-care included for all cameras and speakers

• 100% warranty on all SkyEyes units included

• Professional monitoring services of SkyEyes® units included

• Cellular data service for each SkyEyes® unit included

• 3 power solutions, including full solar with long run-time battery and hybrid solar/AC options to ensure complete coverage in all conditions

Mobile security reassurance

Our solar-powered solutions are a complete wireless solar-powered security system. The security camera and wireless devices are independent of the requirement for connecting to the grid for power, which allows any security camera to be placed in almost any location with video access by the user from any location via the Internet.

Compatible with virtually any IP camera on the market and ideal for remote video surveillance, including perimeter security for government and industrial facilities, railways, parks, construction yards, and parking lots. All camera systems are backed by our performance warranty, giving you the confidence that your system will be available when needed.

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Our services

We work with our customers to fully understand their security challenges. Following our security audit, utilising our suite of services, we cost effectively optimize customers’ security solutions.

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Sector experience

The STS approach and solutions can be applied to any industry. Sectors include Multi-Family Housing, Auto-Lots, Storage Facilities, Distribution Facilities, Energy, Utilities, and Construction.